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Causes of mechanical degumming of plywood

23 Jun,2020

Plywood machinery manufacturers here in the use of plywood machinery in the process, can show a lot of performance advantages, but in the use, why does it appear degumming phenomenon.

This kind of plywood will appear the phenomenon of degumming, which is caused by many reasons. First of all, the glue used is too poor. In addition, the glue used is insufficient in the process of gluing. Therefore, in daily life, we need to pay attention to the moderate amount of gluing, because the burr groove mark of plywood is too deep or the moisture content is too high, which will also lead to The phenomenon of degumming appears, so in the production process, we need to pay attention to the above problems.

In the process of using plywood machinery, only knowing the causes of plywood degumming can solve these problems well, so as to better use these machinery and produce more plywood of good quality. Linyi Guoyu Machinery Co., Ltd. provides complete technical support to let plywood machinery play its role.

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