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Simple knowledge of plywood machinery

22 Jun,2020

Plywood machinery factory furniture has advanced production technology, mature experience, the production of products with good quality assurance, but about its simple knowledge, do not know whether you know it? Today Xiaobian will introduce their knowledge to you.

With the continuous progress of society, this product has been widely used in various industries. In general, it is mainly composed of combination speaker, interior decoration, office supplies, building templates, packaging and exhibition, various furniture and other ideal products. When it is produced, it needs to pay attention to its production process. In general, its process can be divided into For rotary cutting machine, veneer dryer, glue applicator, pre press, hot press, vertical and horizontal saw edge machine, etc., so that the products produced can be better used.

Plywood machinery manufacturers believe that many people do not have a deep understanding of plywood machinery. We hope that through our explanation, our customers can better understand the product knowledge, so as to facilitate the purchase of customers.

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