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What are the characteristics of plywood hot press

19 Jun,2020

The plywood hot press manufacturer heats two parts pre coated with solder flux to a temperature sufficient to melt and flow the solder. After curing, a permanent electrical and mechanical connection device is formed between the parts and the solder. We call it plywood hot press. So what are the characteristics of plywood hot press?

What are the characteristics of plywood hot press

First, using pulse heating technology, the temperature control is accurate, and the temperature sampling frequency is 0.1s. Second, single working platform, rotary working platform, left and right mobile platform and other diversified working modes. Third, multi-stage temperature control. Fourth, real-time temperature curve display. Fifth, the silicone tape index mechanism. Sixth, CCD vision system provides accurate alignment. Seventh, large capacity program pre storage. Eighth, touch operation interface, program password protection.

The above is the introduction about the characteristics of plywood hot press. Because of its own characteristics, plywood hot press can be applied to different products, and the heating speed can also be selected. It is a good hot press equipment, which provides a lot of convenience for workers' work.

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