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Safety knowledge of using plywood machinery and equipment

19 Jun,2020

Plywood machinery and equipment produced by plywood machinery and equipment manufacturers now occupy an important position in the market, but in the process of use, I don't know whether you know about its safety knowledge? Let's have a specific understanding!

In fact, in order to use it safely, the first thing we need to do is to read the operation manual carefully before using it. Only in this way can we better understand it. Moreover, the operators should be strictly trained to understand the structure, performance and use of mechanical equipment, and master some knowledge about repair and maintenance. If it appears in the process of operation In case of failure, it is necessary to shut down the machine immediately, cut off the power supply and repair it in time, otherwise the products produced are inferior products.

In addition, when working, it is required that no fireworks are allowed in the workplace, and fire-fighting equipment must be equipped according to the regulations, otherwise, it is easy to cause danger to the machine, thus threatening the life safety of the operators.

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