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What to check before the plywood machine starts

18 Jun,2020

Plywood machinery manufacturers remind us that before starting the plywood machinery, we should first carry out some routine inspection to ensure that the equipment can run smoothly.

What to check before the plywood machine starts

To check that the power supply meets the requirements, and then press the current. Do not turn on the device first. Check whether the indicator light and button on it are in normal working state. If everything is in normal state, it can be started. After the startup, check whether the program settings in it meet the requirements. If the program settings do not meet the requirements, it is certainly not possible to take the materials up for processing. This is very important.

To check whether the program settings are in line with the current materials to be processed, if not, pay attention to modulating the gear to meet the requirements. Before processing the materials every time, you can use scrap or some other materials to try to see if they are unqualified.

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