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What should be paid attention to when storing plywood machinery

18 Jun,2020

Plywood machinery manufacturers said that before long-term storage, it is necessary to maintain, repair damaged parts, and thoroughly clean them to maintain good technical condition.

What should be paid attention to when storing plywood machinery

Plywood machinery should be parked in a dry room. If it is not allowed to be parked outside, it should be on a flat ground and covered with wood boards, and covered with a cloth after parking. The arrangement and arrangement of the shutdown area shall ensure that the access of any machine is not affected by other machines. To place the mechanical fuel control lever in the idle position, place each lever in the neutral position. Also pay attention to the storage of the engine, the cooling water in the engine should be discharged. Fill the fuel tank with diesel to avoid rusting. Preservatives should also be added if conditions permit.

During the shutdown period, the engine shall be started once a month to make the machine run as a short distance, so as to establish a new oil film at the lubrication part of each part to prevent rusting. Pay attention to fill the cooling water before the startup and drain the cooling water after the completion.

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