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Common sheet metal problems of veneer rotary cutter manufacturers

18 Jun,2020

The rotary cutting machine with clamping shaft uses the hydraulic chuck on the clamping shaft to clamp the wood section to complete the rotary cutting.

Common sheet metal problems of veneer rotary cutter manufacturers

During startup, all parts of the rotary cutting machine must be installed correctly in advance, and any component can not be damaged. We have clarified the function modules of knobs in each operation process, and all objects unrelated to the machine and equipment need to be removed. When the working voltage is more than 15% of the rated working voltage, it is not necessary to switch on the rotary cutter.

Otherwise, it will cause damage to electrical components. It is forbidden to use maintenance tools, cleaning tools and instruments to complete the relevant operation methods or extend hands to the machine arbitrarily during the operation process of the rotary cutting machine at a constant speed.

It is not allowed to modify all the main parameter settings of the frequency converter secretly, or change the main parameter modifications of the main control board software system. The preset value of the fixed-point parking of the main control operating system needs to meet the standard use technical specifications. We have introduced a lot of the common faults of the card free rotary cutting machine.

If the board is made of asbestos tile, the blade is relatively small, and the cutting speed is fast, it will lead to this phenomenon. There is another kind of fault caused by the uneven thickness of the cross section of the board. The reason for this fault is that the blade is uneven and not straight, so this solution is relatively simple, that is to grind the knife again, adjust the blade with a slightly thinner tin box or tape, so that it will To avoid these mistakes, we should pay attention to these problems when using them, and we will make better use of them.

The first thing to do is to make sure that his CNC box is used correctly and can ensure the correct operation of each circuit. In order to maintain it, it is necessary to know what his use structure looks like and not be able to operate under overload, because no matter what mechanical device, as long as it operates under overload, it will be damaged. In case of any problem, it is necessary to stop the machine for inspection in time.

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