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The veneer that can cut the remaining wood core has a card cutting machine

17 Jun,2020

Rotary cutting machine is the main production equipment in the wood processing plant. In the process of operation, some key points should be paid attention to, which can be put into production well.

It is a kind of plywood machine. It is mainly used to cut the wood into thin pieces of leather. It can improve the utilization rate of wood, and it can cut the remaining wood section of veneer with card rotary cutter, so it is now widely welcomed by wood manufacturers. Some wonder why the non card rotary cutting machine can rotary cut the remaining wood sections.

It is different from the traditional mechanical long axis rotary cutting machine and hydraulic clamping spindle rotary cutting machine. There is no clamping shaft used to clamp wood and make it rotate. The rotary motion of the wood section is produced by the mutual drive of the friction roller or the toothed roller on both sides of its outer edge.

The two swinging rollers play the role of friction driving and feeding, and the length of the friction roller and the length of the dipstick stand are equal to the length of the scoop rotating knife. During rotary cutting, two friction rollers always exert uniform force along the wood section. When driving the wood section to rotate to the edge of the rotary knife, push the wood section to the rotary knife to realize rotary cutting. When the wood section becomes smaller and smaller, the friction rolls of two veneer veneer rotary cutting machines can be close to each other.

Therefore, the diameter of the core can be very small after the rotary cutting, which further improves the plate yield of the wood section. In addition, in order to reduce the cutting resistance and improve the quality of the veneer, the rotary cutter can rotate repeatedly along the length direction of the rotary cutter driven by the vibration system of the cutter bed.

Veneer with card rotary cutting machine is an automatic mechanical production equipment, which can be divided into two types: one with card and the other without card. During rotary cutting, it is necessary to note that the length of the rotary knife is 50 mm longer than the distance between the two card heads. The working feed speed is the distance of the knife moving in each rotation of the card shaft. The feed speed determines the thickness and quality of the veneer. The distance between the two card heads of the machine determines the length of the rotary cutting wood section And width.

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