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How to deal with the stuck veneer lathe

16 Jun,2020

Veneer with card rotary cutting machine as a wood processing machinery has been loved by the majority of consumers, but when using the card rotary cutting machine, there will be some problems that make us very headache, such as wood stuck by the machine is a problem we often encounter, so how do we solve this problem? Let's analyze the factors that cause this situation together?

How to deal with the stuck veneer lathe

Let's understand that the saw blade is not tightened or the saw blade is aged and there is no saw path; the belt or transmission gear is slipping or damaged and needs to be adjusted or replaced; the wood is too hard and the machine power does not match, such as the motor is too small or the input line core is too thin and the voltage is too low and the speed is not enough.

Of course, there are many other factors. The angle of the blade or saw blade needs to be adjusted to reduce the excessive resistance, and the blade or saw blade needs to be polished to ensure the sharpness. Users can conduct troubleshooting one by one according to the specific situation, and should find the root cause of the problem. When the veneer is used, it is stuck when there is a card rotary cutter. What's the matter?

In such a case, firstly shut down the machine and cut off the power supply. Then check what causes it to be stuck. Generally, it is necessary to check whether the saw blade is not tightened, or whether the saw blade has not been used for a long time and is not sharp, the belt is slipping or damaged. Adjust and replace it according to the situation, or the hardness of the processed wood is too high, the machine is too hard, the machine power is small, which causes it to be stuck, and the installation angle of the blade head If the problem is not sharp enough, it shall be handled according to the situation. The cause of the problem will be found after troubleshooting one by one. Do not dismantle it blindly to avoid secondary damage. Only when the solution is right can the fundamental problem be solved.

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