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Performance of rotary cutting machine with card

15 Jun,2020

What are its advantages? First of all, the new type of rotary cutting machine consumes less power and saves a lot of power. Its operation is simple and easy to learn, and it is easy to maintain in the future. This may be the direct reason why it is popular.

Secondly, its panel surface finish is very good, for wood is not so picky, not so sensitive. Even different kinds of wood can be put together for rotary cutting, and it will not affect the thickness of the board.

In terms of veneer with card cutting machine, will we consider its appearance when we choose it? More factors we consider are practicality. We will not look at the appearance of card cutting machine as much as we choose clothes. Practicability is more important.

So it is more important to be practical when choosing a card rotary cutting machine. In addition to the practicability, it is also more important to be the scale of the manufacturer. The performance of the equipment and the scale of the manufacturer is an important factor in using the card rotary cutting machine.

I hope the above brief introduction can help you. If you have any other questions, please feel free to consult our company.

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