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Working principle of wood peeling machine

15 Jun,2020

You may hear more about wood peelers, but they are the same product, but people call them different. Of course, the ear of wood peeling machine is to peel the bark of wood. It is mainly composed of the following structures: feed part, discharge part, cutter head, transmission system department, underframe, etc.

The wood peeling machine is very useful, for example, it is used in forest factory, paper factory, board factory, etc. Let me know the working principle of it.

The working principle of the wood peeling machine is as follows: first, put the raw materials in the cutting part, and then directly discharge the materials to the assembly line for processing, so as to realize a lot of turnover waste and greatly improve the working efficiency. Secondly, the wood peeling machine impacts the wood with teeth, which makes the wood do circulation movement in the closed shell, because some wood that is difficult to peel has also achieved good peeling effect, which greatly improves the efficiency of the product. Then the wood peeling machine can peel the corresponding shape according to the different wood, and make it as you like, which may increase the beauty of the wood. This is because the uneven part of the wood can also be peeled in good contact with the peeling machine due to the rotation movement and irregular beating of the wood. In the end, although the shell of wood peeler is relatively large, its shell is fixed, so its energy consumption is relatively small, and the probability of failure is very small. Therefore, the workload for maintenance workers is not enough. And the wood peeling machine can be processed and peeled after landing after purchase, without special base installation, so it is convenient to use.

Although there are many styles and shapes of wood peeling machine on the market, its working principle is the same and the same. In summary, its working principle is the peeling effect caused by the continuous friction, impact, extrusion and separation between the wood and the bin slot by using the unique force generated by the rotation of its rotor.

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