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Improving production efficiency of veneer rotary cutting machine with card

13 Jun,2020

Veneer with card rotary cutting machine is mainly used for processing small diameter wood. After improvement and innovation, it has the advantages of easy adjustment, low noise, easy operation, high efficiency, good rigidity, etc., effectively reducing the consumption and waste of wood, saving production costs, and the correct operation method can effectively reduce machine wear and improve production efficiency.

Improving production efficiency of veneer rotary cutting machine with card

Veneer has a card rotary cutting machine to process different kinds of wood, long-term rotary cutting will cause tool and machine loss, reduce the service life of the machine, we operate in addition to regular maintenance and repair of the machine.

It is also necessary to check the structure of each part. During operation, it is necessary to check whether the tool holder will be loose due to the wear of the feed screw or nut. The wear between the clamping shaft and the shaft sleeve will cause the shaft to be loose, which will cause the thickness of the single plate to be inconsistent. During the rotary cutting, the knife door cannot be too narrow or the tool holder is too high. Adjust the tightness of the belt and the chain, check whether each part is in good condition, and regularly enter each part Lubricate, adjust the thickness of rotary cutting before operation, do not adjust after starting, do not carry out parameter adjustment, and do not carry out load operation.

Veneer card rotary cutting machine is one of the main equipment to produce plywood. It can spin cut different kinds of wood. It has the advantages of fast cutting speed, high production efficiency and good veneer quality. This equipment is loved by plate manufacturers. Correct operation method can improve production efficiency, improve veneer quality and increase enterprise production efficiency.

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