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Correct use of veneer rotary cutting machine to reduce wear

12 Jun,2020

In the production process, there are many factors that affect the wear of the rotary cutting machine. Improper operation may be the direct cause. Therefore, when operating, the staff should first carry out relevant equipment knowledge learning and safety operation training. Before starting the machine, they should carefully check whether the components are in good condition, whether the handle position is correct, whether the limit protection measures are in good condition, and adjust the tightness of the belt conveyor chain Degree, then adjust the thickness of rotary cutting, and start the work. When the machine is working, it is strictly forbidden to adjust the mechanical parameters. If the machinery fails, it is necessary to stop the machine in time for inspection. When the machine stops working, it needs to cut off the power supply and ensure that the machine is shut down.

Production efficiency and quality is an important condition for the development of the enterprise. The rotary cutting machine is a mechanical equipment for processing wood. It has high precision, simple operation, convenient maintenance and long service life. There are many factors that affect the mechanical quality, which requires us to operate strictly according to the process to avoid affecting the work progress and product quality.

Compared with the traditional manual processing, the production efficiency is higher, the quality is guaranteed, the operation is stable, and the long-term use of the machine is easy to cause component wear. The scheduled maintenance is to make the machine work in a better state, to better put into production, and to improve the production efficiency by balancing the components of each equipment.

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