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Some common quality problems of veneer in veneer rotary peeling machine

12 Jun,2020

Now, the veneer can be peeled out by the veneer rotary peeling machine, but if the machine breaks down, the veneer quality will be affected, and the production efficiency will also be affected. Therefore, today I will introduce some common problems of veneer peeling, which I believe will be helpful to you.

Some common quality problems of veneer in veneer rotary peeling machine

1. Curling of wood skin: this kind of situation is generally caused by too narrow knife door or too high knife rest. The solution is very simple. The ram screws and adjusting screws at both ends should be loosened, the knife door should be widened, the height of the knife should be lowered, and then the screws should be tightened, so as to solve the problem of wooden skin rolling.

2. Uneven thickness of veneer: it is mainly due to the damage of distance measuring or speed measuring encoder or electronic ruler. Solution: adjust the fast forward frequency to 2Hz, and observe whether the log diameter changes continuously. If there is any pause, it means that the ranging encoder is broken and needs to be replaced. If the speed of the roller is inconsistent with the actual speed, the speed encoder needs to be replaced.

3. The peeled wood is wavy: This is usually caused by too much resistance of the feed. Solution: check whether the output current of frequency converter is greater than 5 a when idling, and check whether the resistance caused by poor lubrication is too large if it exceeds the requirement to adjust the machine.

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