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The correct way to deal with the common faults of the rotary cutting machine

12 Jun,2020

Wood veneer machine is the main machine to produce veneer. The production and processing of wood need to consume a lot of energy and energy of veneer machine, so the failure of veneer machine is a common thing. The existence of faults will not only delay the working process, but also cause unnecessary losses. Next, the manufacturer of the rotary cutting machine will teach you how to deal with the faults of the rotary cutting machine correctly.

How to adjust the slice thickness of the rotary cutting machine: use a triangle ruler (500 * 250mm) to lean against the upper and inner sides of the double knurled roller of the rotary cutting machine, use a ruler (150 mm) to press against the upper part of the single knurled roller to observe the value of the joint between the lower edge of the triangle ruler and the ruler. When the thickness of the leather is 1.0mm-2.0mm, take 35 mm-36mm, if the thickness of the leather is less than 1.0mm, read the value accordingly, if the thickness of the leather is greater than 2.0mm When the reading value is over mm, the reading value will decrease accordingly.

The treatment method of the board is as follows: the knife is high or low, the knife seam is not consistent with the feed hanging wheel, and the wood is on the inside and outside. Solution: adjust the height of the knife according to the knife adjustment chart, adjust it to the sewing and hanging wheel, and replace the wood.

How to deal with automatic feed and stop during normal rotary cutting.
Causes: (1) virtual connection of feed circuit; (2) slipping of electromagnetic clutch plate, high knife.
Solutions: (1) check whether the feed line is connected falsely; (2) clean the clutch plate with gasoline or diesel oil and adjust the height of the knife.

Treatment method of front thickness and back thickness of board:
cause: low knife, too small knife seam.
Solution: adjust the height and seam of the knife according to the knife adjustment drawing.

In a word, the problem of production process failure is inevitable. As long as we grasp the size, deal with the problem scientifically and properly, and solve the problem, even if there is a failure, there is nothing to worry about.

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