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Introduction to the knowledge of operating hot press

11 Jun,2020

The price of the hot press produced by the hot press manufacturer is not cheap. Therefore, attention should be paid to the relevant operation knowledge in the use process to ensure the accuracy of the use process. The following is the relevant knowledge explained by the manufacturer for you. Let's study together!

The piston of the hot press and the loading and unloading machine rises and falls steadily without shaking and crawling. When the maximum pressure is reached, the piston sealing ring has no oil leakage. The oil pumps shall not have abnormal noise and vibration, and the temperature rise of the pump and oil shall not exceed 65 ℃; the load and temperature rise of each motor shall not exceed the regulations. The opening and closing action of the unloading hook is correct and the reaction is sensitive. The heat transfer oil hose joint shall not leak oil; When the temperature of the hot press rises to the same temperature as the return oil of the heat transfer oil, the oil inlet and return valves operate normally; when the pressure is automatically raised and lowered, the unloading valve, solenoid valve and all electrical components react correctly and sensitively.

The above is the relevant knowledge of hot press, I hope it will help you. If you have any questions, please contact us in time, and we will give you a comprehensive explanation. Here, we sincerely welcome the majority of users to purchase our products, and look forward to your arrival!

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