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How to clean constant temperature hot press

11 Jun,2020

The hot press produced by the hot press manufacturer has a very important role, and its use has brought a lot of help to people. But in normal times, how should we clean the constant temperature hot press? Today, Xiaobian will introduce his knowledge to you, let's have a detailed understanding! I hope it will help you!

How to clean constant temperature hot press

In normal times, it's still very simple for us to clean it, but what we need to do is the main cleaning steps. First of all, we need to remove oil dirt. In daily times, we can use kerosene to remove oil. The parts shall be brushed in order. The main parts shall be washed first, then the secondary parts; the cleaner ones shall be washed first, and then the dirtier ones. Parts shall not be stacked together to avoid damage. After cleaning, the parts must be dried with clean compressed air or cotton cloth. Never install the newly cleaned parts directly into the machine for use, or the air compressor will explode.

The above is the introduction of relevant knowledge about cleaning it. I believe you should have a certain understanding. We have many kinds of products here, so when you use them, they can meet people's use requirements and wait for what. If you have any needs, come to choose our products and look forward to your arrival!

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