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Why does the precompressor deform

11 Jun,2020

In daily life, we will have a lot of problems when we use the pre press, such as deformation, so why does this happen? Let's have a detailed understanding together, hoping to help you!

Why does the precompressor deform

The main reason for this is that the heating is uneven and the temperature rises too fast during preheating, especially when the machine is started in cold state. When heating with steam, sometimes the steam pipeline in the precompressor is not smooth or blocked by scaling, and the conduction is uneven during heating, which makes the temperature rise of each part of the hot pressing plate different, which has caused hot pressing deformation; sometimes the condensate is not discharged smoothly and is not easy to control the temperature, which is more likely to cause hot pressing plate deformation. In the production process, the missing slab, short slab or too low density of individual slab occur, which makes the pressure concentrated on the thickness gauge and causes deformation of hot pressing plate.

These will cause deformation of the pre press, we need to pay special attention when purchasing, so as to ensure the quality of our purchase and use. Here, we sincerely welcome the majority of users to choose our products and look forward to your arrival!

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