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Components of hot press

03 Jun,2020

The components of the hot press, the main bent frame of the hot press, hydraulic red, movable beam and hot pressing plate. The frame is the main body that bears the load. There are two types of combined structure and integral structure. The ecnomic structure includes the upper orange beam and the lower crossbeam. The middle part is connected into a rigid frame with nuts through the column, that is, the vertical structure frame. The integral structure is made of a whole steel plate, or an important body welded by several steel plates, that is, the frame structure machine. The hydraulic cylinder is a kind of holding device which transforms the pressure energy of the liquid into the mechanical motion range. It transmits the over movement to the hot pressing plate through the movement. The hot pressing plate transmits the heat of the hot medium weight of the mortar heating system and the pressure of the working liquid from the hydraulic system to the workpiece, so that the heating and pressing surface is formed. The main body of the co press is the last actuator of the workpiece forming. The accuracy and rigidity of the zero part directly affect the quality of the product. Therefore, in the staggered degree. Strength and machining accuracy must meet certain requirements. In addition to the specified mechanical load, the hot press is also affected by the thermal load. Fourth, the noise caused by the thermal effect must be taken into account in the timing.

Components of hot press

The hot press body shall generally meet the following requirements:

1)、 The upper and lower beams and moving beams, as well as the hot pressed plates, must be able to bear the maximum load, and the deformation and winding waste shall not affect the quality of the products within the allowed range, and the hot pressing machine for the large plate surface shall be concerned.

2) 、There must be a certain margin in the length and width of the force surface, so that when pressing the products with the largest specification, the hot pressing plate can hold the basis, and there are certain empty words around.

3)、 For the whole frame whose rigidity of the upper and lower beams is not much compared with that of the inverted columns, the winding degree of the columns produced by Guojia bending guard should be limited within a certain range, so as to ensure the unimpeded passage of the guide beam.

4) 、It should be taken into account that in case of serious short intelligence overload occasionally, it will not cause the important parts to be held by the ring, so as to stop production for a long time.

5) The heat effect produced during heating and moistening the product makes the press itself affected by heat. Therefore, it is necessary to minimize the problem noise in the design, or try to balance the influence of each part and reduce the thermal deformation

6) The hot press works under alternating load and hot and humid ear all the year round. In order to make the press have a long service life, it is necessary to prevent the positive heavy parts from generating stress. In this way, the month can help to describe the interest, which is to avoid the fatigue damage of the press

7) The structural arrangement of the hot pressing root shall be convenient for the smooth maintenance and overhaul

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