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Inspection process of hot press

03 Jun,2020

The inspection process of the hot press can only be put into no-load test run after all parts are correctly installed. The so-called "installation completed" refers to the installation of loading and unloading equipment at the same time. Before commissioning, necessary training shall be given to operators participating in commissioning. It is forbidden to temporarily find personnel to participate in operation. Meanwhile, commissioning steps shall be formulated in detail, and provisions on personnel division and contact signal shall be made. This is particularly important when large-scale hot press, especially when the pump unit and hot press working face are not on the same floor. During the test run, it is absolutely forbidden for the non responsible personnel to shout loudly or even conduct disorderly command.

Check whether the rotation direction of each motor is correct before commissioning.

Whether the oil level of oil tank meets the requirements. If the accumulator is used for high-speed closing, it is necessary to check whether the inflation pressure reaches the specified actuator of each electric control valve (such as the coil armature of the electromagnetic slide valve) and whether it can operate correctly. Check whether various stop valves are in the position to be opened or closed as required. Pay attention to check whether there are tools and foreign matters left between the hot pressing plates of each layer. The commissioning shall start from loading and unloading.

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