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Characteristics of the plywood paving machine

03 Jun,2020

The plywood paving machine adopts the hydraulic computer frequency conversion automatic technology, and the fixed length automatic sawing function, applying for the national patent. It is suitable for multi-layer board, building formwork and furniture board. Its advantages are cost reduction, material saving, labor saving, easy management, environmental protection, noise and other advantages. It is suitable for large-scale factory operation.

Characteristics of the plywood paving machine

1. The plywood paver is used for multi-layer board, building formwork, furniture board, the benefit is to reduce cost, save materials, easy management, less noise, etc.

2. The plywood paver has advanced the technology of decorative wood-based panel. It can be divided into saw cutting type and hydraulic cutting type, 5-100mm can be cut.

3. It can be divided into 18 meters, 24 meters, 30 meters, 36 meters and other specifications, including sawing and guillotine.

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