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Plywood automatic lifting conveyor

02 Jun,2020

The utility model discloses a plywood automatic lifting and conveying integrated machine, which comprises a base, an electric control system, a lifting frame, a lifting power device, a lifting guide rail frame, a conveying sports car and a conveying belt. The lifting frame is controlled by a motor to complete the lifting action. When the lifting frame reaches a suitable height, The motor is closed; the driving motor of the conveying sports car drives the chain to move and drives the fixed conveying sports car at the same time, the driving motor of the conveying belt drives the driving roller and the driven roller to rotate, so as to drive the rotation of the conveying belt to complete the docking with the material rack or other wood processing equipment, and realize the conveying stack of plywood placed on the conveying belt.

Plywood automatic lifting conveyor

The utility model uses the motor as the power to drive the chain wheel and chain. Because the chain has small extension, the positioning of the lifting frame, the conveying sports car and the conveying belt is more accurate and the operation is stable. At the same time, it has the characteristics of simple structure, convenient use, stable performance and strong practicability, which can ensure the feeding speed is smooth and uniform, and reduce the displacement of the board.

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