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Use of hydraulic oil

02 Jun,2020

Use of hydraulic oil. Hydraulic oil is widely used and is the most widely used product in industrial oil. At present, the hydraulic components are developing in the direction of small volume and large power, and the system pressure is higher and higher, some of them have exceeded 50MPa. Therefore, the ordinary L-HL series have tended to be eliminated, and the anti-wear L-HM series have been applied more.

Use of hydraulic oil
Hydraulic lifting table

Low temperature performance is also an important characteristic of hydraulic oil. It is required that the equipment is easy to start in low temperature environment, and the power transmission is sensitive, and the oil change cycle of hydraulic oil is long. For example, the open-air equipment usually changes once a year, and the hydraulic oil inevitably changes in four seasons during the use process, so the open-air equipment uses low condensation products with better effect. Cleanliness has also become the performance requirement of hydraulic oil. Generally, the product should have a NAS granularity level of no more than grade 9, a clean product of no more than Grade 7, and a high-definition clean product of no more than grade 5. However, blindly pursuing the NAS level has no effect, but reduces the quality and increases the cost.

For example, some machinery manufacturers or construction machinery users do not have a dust-free workshop for adding hydraulic oil. Even if they pay a large price for NAS 5 products, the high-definition clean NAS 5 hydraulic oil becomes NAS at the moment of opening the product Grade 8, and high NAS level of hydraulic oil means more filtering times, and expensive additives will be filtered out during the filtering process. Therefore, from a professional point of view, NAS level does not need to be pursued too much.

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