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Discussion on the key points of blade adjustment

01 Jun,2020

For mechanical equipment, accessories are the key components of normal operation of the equipment. How to adjust some accessories? Whether the blade adjustment of the rotary cutting machine is accurate or not is directly related to whether the thickness of the veneer meets the requirements of the enterprise. It is a very important link in the production process. The following rotary cutting machine parts manufacturers talk about blade adjustment points, let's get to know.

Discussion on the key points of blade adjustment

First, use feeler gauge to check the gap between the knife and the knurled roller to see whether the two ends are consistent. If not, adjust the adjustment wires on both sides of the knife table to make the knife seams on both sides consistent.

Secondly, loosen the pressing bolts on both sides of the single box (single knurled roll table) of the rotary cutting machine, hold the insert knife and the single knurled roll with a feeler gauge, adjust the adjusting screws on both ends of the single box, so that the gap between the knife seams is equal to or slightly greater than the thickness of the peeled leather.

These two points are to ensure the production quality of veneer, so special attention is needed.

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