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Production and processing flow of density board production line

30 May,2020

With the deterioration of environmental problems and the improvement of people's awareness of environmental protection, especially for the board industry, it is a new challenge as well as an opportunity. Density board is a kind of man-made board widely used in the board industry, which has good processing performance. Next, let's look at the processing flow of density board production line.

Production and processing flow of density board production line

The density board produced by the density board production line has the advantages of uniform structure, smooth and beautiful appearance, fine material, stable performance, strong impact resistance and easy processing. It is widely used in the furniture, decoration and packaging industry. The processing flow of the board mainly includes the following aspects: 1. Raw material processing, through slicing and washing, through high temperature Jining steam, wood becomes wood fiber , 2. Sheet forming: separate and dry fibers for forming process, conduct high-pressure treatment, and transform scattered fibers into complete sheets; 3. Maintain and cut. When the forming process is completed, the surface polishing machine cutting treatment is required, which can be directly and wholeheartedly stored.

Density board production line is an automatic production line for density board processing, with high production efficiency, mass production, labor cost saving and enterprise development.

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