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Difference and Application Analysis between veneer press and other press

22 May,2020

Veneer hot press, which is one of the hot presses, and for us, it is also the object that we need to focus on learning and understanding, because it is not only website products and keywords, but also has many applications, so we will do this work. Therefore, we hope that we can take it seriously and carry it out so that we can master it in time, so that we can realize the application of knowledge and benefit ourselves at the same time.

Difference and Application Analysis between veneer press and other press

1. Is there any difference between plywood hot press and veneer hot press? Plywood hot press, from a professional point of view, is mainly used in plywood production and manufacturing, and is used for hot pressing and gluing. Moreover, if the types of plywood are different, then the performance requirements of the hot press are also different. In addition, the operation mode of this kind of hot press includes periodic operation and continuous operation. In terms of structure, there are three parts: body, control drive part and heating system.

Veneer hot press, which is a single veneer and double veneer points. Its application is mainly in the furniture factory and the secondary processing of wood-based panel. Moreover, it is mainly used for hot pressing and veneering, but not for other purposes.

Therefore, to sum up, the two types of hot press, there are obvious differences, although both belong to the hot press. Therefore, they can not be confused, and then, there are problems in use.

2. Can the hot press used in the production of wood board be used as veneer hot press? This problem, in the view of veneer hot press manufacturers, is not allowed, because they are two different hot presses, and in terms of pressure, the former can not meet the requirements. In addition, we also need to know that for veneer hot press, the larger the tonnage, the better the veneer effect.

3. Veneer hot press, can it be single-layer or multi-layer hot press? There is no relationship between veneer hot press and single-layer or multi-layer hot press, because they are the specific types of hot press according to different standards, so this conclusion can be reached. On question one, the answer is yes.

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