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A new structure design of rotary cutting machine

19 May,2020

Rotary cutting machine is a kind of equipment for peeling wood and processing thin wood products. CNC rotary cutting machine is a new product in recent years. It is of great significance to improve the transmission structure, simplify the control method and reduce the production cost for the current development of CNC rotary cutting machinery. This paper mainly introduces the feed structure design of variable lead screw and the finite element analysis of variable lead screw, which provides a new idea for the improvement of rotary cutting machine.

Key words: rotary cutting machine; variable lead screw; feed structure design

Rotary cutting machine is one of the main equipment for plywood production. When rotating,

The wood section is stuck between the two feeding rollers and the pressure gauge by the feeder. The wood section is driven by the rotating roller to do the main rotation movement, and the linear movement of the roller drives the wood section to do the feeding movement relative to the cutter. There are two kinds of rotary cutting machines, one is the non clamping machine, the other is the non clamping machine. In the process of rotary cutting, the cutting tool only does cutting vibration and does not do feeding movement%. This rotary cutting method is characterized by that the wood section is positioned by the feeding roller and the pressure gauge, without clamping the shaft, and the clamping is not affected by the quality of the core material of the rotary cutting wood section, which can reduce the rotary cutting The diameter of the wood section can improve the utilization rate of wood. The machine can also spin cut small-diameter wood, and the structure of the machine is simple, the manufacturing cost is low, which is beneficial to promotion.

Because the tool does not need to move, it is easy to realize vibration cutting, reduce cutting power and reduce machine power loss. The equipment can be used to produce plywood (a raw material for decoration and furniture), disposable chopsticks and other products. The market is huge. At present, the production of this kind of equipment is mainly concentrated in Xingwan Industrial Park, Renxian County, Hebei Province. There are more than 20 equipment manufacturers, with an annual sales of more than 300 sets of equipment and an output value of nearly 40 million. But the products are mainly made of old-fashioned rotary cutting machine with card, which has huge improvement space.

In view of the previous tangent and structure adopting cam feed structure or servo feed structure, through research, the feed system adopts the form of variable lead screw rotating along the straight-line feed, and pushes the roof forward through two supporting shafts,

The slider supporting the driving roller is pushed upward by the top plate; at the same time, the two sliders are restricted by the frame to move in the opposite direction, and the center distance is continuously reduced along with the rotary cutting to adapt to the reduction of the wood section diameter. In this design, two identical feeding modules are used for feeding at the same time, and two motors are driven by a frequency converter.


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