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Rotary cutting machine parts: reasons for uneven thickness of leather

16 May,2020

The uneven thickness of leather is a problem encountered by many users in the production process. What is the cause? Now follow the rotary cutting machine parts manufacturers to understand it.

Rotary cutting machine parts: reasons for uneven thickness of leather

The thickness of leather is uneven, the tailboard is thin or the tailboard is rolled. In this case, you don't need to worry about it or repair the machine blindly. In order to measure the thickness of single board in each stage, a special person shall be assigned to use the same screw micrometer. Under the same operation principle, select the same measuring point for measurement after rotary cutting, before drying, after drying and after gluing, so as to measure the small change of the thickness of single board.

The leather is not smooth: the knife door is too large / too small {whether there is periodic tree squeezing} the knife bed moves unevenly (whether there is a pause when moving) and the single roller is not concentric (whether it is concentric or not can observe whether the gap between the single roller and the knife changes during the operation of the machine / under normal circumstances, there is no change)

The above is the reason why the thickness of the skin is uneven and not smooth, which is shared by the parts manufacturers of the rotary cutting machine. I hope it can help the plywood enterprises occasionally.

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