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What do you need to pay attention to when the saw is working

15 May,2020

We use a lot of machines in sheet metal processing, but because we use too many machines, we often have unpredictable problems with machines.Today let's take the edge saw as an example and talk about what we should pay attention to when it is working.

What do you need to pay attention to when the saw is working

First of all, when we are operating, we should carefully read the operation manual to find out what should be noted about the machine and other possible hazards.Second, wear a good mask when operating the saw blade, but be careful not to wear gloves.All safety guards must be worn when the machine is operated and the driving safety guard must not be opened when the machine is operated.Grounding wire must be used when working on the machine to avoid leakage. Tools and debris must not be placed on the machine when working.When replacing the saw blade, the power supply must be switched off before adjusting or making repairs and maintenance. Pay attention to the direction of the saw teeth and correct the angle.Keep the environment clean while the machine is working. Turn off the power before leaving the machine.

For a machine, there are more things to note than these, many of which have to be explored by our constant exploration. If you have any mechanical doubts, please come to our website for answers.

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