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Some small details to be noted when cutting the edge saw

15 May,2020

We are in a mechanical age, a lot of work no longer needs us to do by ourselves. For the machine dealing with wood, the sawblade is a relatively common equipment. The sawblade has simple process and accurate cutting, so it is very popular with the board mills.But there are also some things to pay attention to when cutting. Take cutting wood-based panels as an example, let's see with the sawing machine manufacturers what needs our special attention.

Some small details to be noted when cutting the edge saw

1. When cutting wood-based panels, we should pay attention to that the waste material should not be too small, and it should be placed securely and not be discarded at will.

2. The direction of rotation of the saw blade on the edge saw is the same as the direction of feed of the wood. On the contrary, it is reverse cutting. In general, we use parallel cutting.

3. When cutting wood-based panels, it is necessary to adjust the switch according to the length and width of waste material so as to make the operation more convenient.

4. After using the saw blade machine, pay attention to loosening the tensioning mechanism and keep the saw blade loose so as to reduce fatigue of the saw blade and prolong its service life.

When we use the edge saw, we should not only pay attention to safety, but also to the maintenance of the machine.If there are any problems in the use process, for safety reasons, it is necessary to cut off the power supply and check it again.

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