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How to do the edge saw correctly in case of failure

13 May,2020

Some problems will inevitably occur when the machine is working. Of course, the edge sawing machine will not avoid them. The main reason is that some parts will be slowly eliminated, resulting in some unexpected problems. In all the problems, the creak should have been encountered. Let's focus on how to deal with the creak.

How to do the edge saw correctly in case of failure

In general, if the thing we use makes a noise, we must think of too much friction and need a little oil to lubricate it. If it is not for this reason, it may be due to the loose screws, collision or other reasons during operation. If there is a problem with screws, professional technicians are still needed to operate them. Please do not operate them in private. This is very dangerous. If obvious deceleration or knife clamping phenomenon is found during the operation of the edge saw, it shall be adjusted in time, which may be caused by many reasons, such as belt slipping, loose nuts, too deep late cutting or too fast cutting speed.

The maintenance of machinery is very important. For some aging parts or parts with problems, replacement maintenance should be carried out in time, which is an important guarantee for the smooth operation of the machine.

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