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Precautions for regular maintenance of plywood machine hot press

13 May,2020

Plywood machine hot press is a very important production equipment in plywood machinery, which is directly related to the quality of plywood products. How much do you know about it after using it for so long? Let's see how well Jianzhong wood industry knows about hot press.

Precautions for regular maintenance of plywood machine hot press

1. During the maintenance of the hot press, it is necessary to check the whole machine every six months (according to the requirements of assembly and test run). When the hot press operates normally, it is also necessary to check, so as to ensure the normal operation of the hot press;

2. In the process of inspection, special attention shall be paid to the wear and corrosion of the large piston and the piston surface of the loading and unloading machine, and the section of the sealing ring at the highest position shall be required; in this way, the inspection result is more accurate.

3. Whether all parts of the hot pressing plate are consistent when it is heated (whether the internal heat transfer oil channel is blocked);

4. Wear of large and small sealing rings of all hydraulic systems and wear of all valve cores, springs and valves;

5. Wear of gear, pulley and guide rail;

6. Wear and sealing of internal parts of each oil pump;

7. The horizontal position and foundation of the base and frame.

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