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How to solve the heat reflux of hot press

08 May,2020

Hot press manufacturers here in the process of processing and manufacturing, it is easy to have the phenomenon of heat reflux, so in the face of this problem, what can we do to solve it? Today, the editor will give you a brief introduction of this knowledge!

How to solve the heat reflux of hot press

In fact, the problem of heat reflux in this kind of machinery is very serious. If you want to solve this problem thoroughly, you need to ensure that there is the same flow, that is, to maintain the normal of the hot press. Then, put the most unobstructed layer on the bottom layer of the hot press, and then put it on the top layer; and the top and bottom two layers should be asbestos insulation, so as to prevent the hot press from overheating and damage. Finally, in order to achieve the optimal flow rate, the laminates should be controlled separately.

The above is the relevant solution. In general, using this method is very significant in the effect, so in daily life, the majority of users can use it.

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