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Code for use of plywood machinery and emergency measures

08 May,2020

The products of plywood machinery and equipment manufacturers are often used in some board processing. In order to ensure safety, we must do well in its operation specifications and emergency measures.

Code for use of plywood machinery and emergency measures

First of all, when receiving the equipment, you should read its instructions, be familiar with the performance, use and operation precautions of the machine. For example, before the operation, you should first test the equipment. When you need to carry out the next working cycle after completing an operation, you must pay attention to whether the pressing frame or the machine arm moves to both sides to prevent the running machine from causing human injury. In addition, when processing different products, you should refer to the technical operation manual and adjust the use pressure. Because the equipment is constantly wearing and tear every day, so we must do a good job in its maintenance after the end of use, professional can extend its service life.

At ordinary times, we should pay attention to the safety training of operators, because in any processing and production, we should put personal safety first, to ensure that in case of accidents, we can minimize the loss of casualties.

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