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Operation of the non card veneer peeling machine

03 Apr,2020

Card free veneer peeling machine is an important production equipment of our plywood production enterprise, which is related to the product quality of this enterprise. In addition to the maintenance of this equipment, we should pay attention to the correct use of the veneer peeling machine, and also pay attention to its maintenance, so as to ensure its long-term and smooth use.

Operation of the non card veneer peeling machine

Before turning on the veneer peeling machine, carefully check whether the connecting lines of the machine are in good condition and the order of the connecting lines is correct, so as to avoid short circuit, fire and explosion. It is also necessary to check whether the value of the digital display meter of the machine is normal in time, whether there is relatively sudden noise during operation, clean the network devices on time, and pay attention to the damage of dust to the machine. Also pay attention to the safety matters around. The safety here refers to personal safety and machine safety.

After processing, although it is not necessary to carry out large-scale regular maintenance every day, after the mechanical equipment stops running every day, turn off the power supply and clean it. After the wood residue is removed, paint the surface with lubricating oil where the veneer peeling machine does not have oil paint coverage for maintenance.

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