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Causes and solutions of high pressure reflux in hot press

26 Mar,2020

The hot press is indispensable when we manufacture plates, but the veneer hot press will have high-pressure reflux when it works. For the reasons and solutions of these problems, let's explain them in detail.

When the veneer hot press is under high pressure, the specific reasons are as follows

1. The main valve or solenoid valve fails, or the one-way valve is not tightly closed.

2. The high-pressure pump fails or the spring pressure of the high-pressure safety valve is too low.

3. The pipeline is damaged, or the joint is loose, so there is oil leakage.

For the above reasons, the corresponding solutions are as follows:

1. Replace the main valve or solenoid valve, and replace the check valve.

2. Overhaul the high-pressure safety valve and adjust its pressure.

3. Check and replace the pipeline

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