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Operating procedures of rotary cutting machine

16 Mar,2020

Rotary cutting machine is the core equipment of plywood production enterprise. Its operation is related to the quality of the product. Poor operation will lead to uneven thickness of veneer. Then its operation needs to follow certain specifications.

Operating procedures of rotary cutting machine

1. Slippers and high-heeled shoes are not allowed to be worn during the operation of the equipment. Female employees shall tie up their hair and shall not wear vests and shorts (it is strictly prohibited to work with bare arms and feet).

2. Comprehensive inspection shall be carried out before starting the machine: the key points are whether there are other metal sundries in the distribution box and control cabinet, whether the electrical lines fall off and the insulation is damaged, whether the electrical components and instruments are complete and in good condition, whether the screws of the equipment are loose (especially the cutter and moving rotating parts must be inspected daily), and if any problem is found, it shall be handled and reported in time.

3. The equipment shall be firmly positioned and installed with grounding wire. It is strictly prohibited to move the equipment arbitrarily. It is necessary to save electricity and prohibit the equipment from idling for a long time.

4. Switch on / off machine: first check the equipment and confirm that there is no hidden danger, close the main power switch of the equipment, start and feed the mechanism to start the log rotary cutting operation. Stop the machine; stop all control systems in reverse order and then turn off the main power supply.

5. Regular maintenance of the equipment: maintain the sliding mechanism (such as slide block and slide rail), feed screw chain, bearings, gears and other moving and rotating contact points with lubricating oil or grease once or twice a week. The motor shall be maintained at the second level (once every half a year), and the motor shall be kept clean and well cooled.

6. Take good care of the equipment to prevent the equipment from being damaged; do not place other articles (especially hard metal articles) on the rotary cutter, and do not clean the sawdust on the cutter by hand during the operation of the equipment.

7. The operator of the equipment shall pay attention to the dynamic prompts given by others when removing the remaining wood shaft after the rotary cutting. When the rotary potentiometer is used to increase and decrease the cutting speed, it shall be adjusted slowly. It is not allowed to increase the speed too fast and easy to damage and reduce the accuracy. The potentiometer must be rotated to zero before stopping the machine.

8. When replacing the cutter or repairing, it is necessary to cut off the power supply and hang up the warning sign. The idea is to wear the protective gloves to protect the accident, and the operation should be carried out on the premise of safety. The special grinder shall be used to polish the cutting edge of the equipment and tools, and the cutting edge shall not be burnt, so as to maintain the straightness of the cutting edge.

9. Disconnect the branch power supply and main control power supply before going off work, clean the chain, gear, track, lead screw, debris, etc. of the equipment thoroughly, so as to ensure that the equipment is in safe and good operation state without hidden dangers and future troubles.

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