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Hot press safety operation instructions

13 Mar,2020

Hot press is a very widely used machinery, so to speak, and plate related industries, nine out of ten will be related to hot press, although the application of hot press is so extensive, it is precisely because of such a wide range of applications, leading to some people do not know the danger of hot press, next let's look at how to operate the hot press correctly and safely.

Hot press safety operation instructions

Turn on the power supply, set the temperature control system of the hot press according to the temperature required by the processing process of the workpiece. After the temperature control setting is completed, start the heat transfer oil circulating pump switch and the heat transfer oil heating control switch, and the temperature control system of the press starts. Remove the protective cover of the time relay panel for the pressure maintaining timing, and set the pressure maintaining timing of the press according to the requirements of the workpiece pressing time in the production process. If the processed parts of the press are skewed in the press, they shall be straightened with long wooden strips; in the press pressure closing project, the operator shall not contact the pressing plate, and shall not leave the post. Pay close attention to the working condition of the equipment and the compression condition of the processed parts between the pressing plates, and stop the closing immediately in case of any abnormality. It is strictly prohibited to touch the workpiece or pressing plate in the press and the closed mechanical transmission part by hand in the press pressing plate closing project, so as to prevent crushing and scalding accidents.

For the danger of hot press, we should know about it, try to avoid the occurrence of dangerous accidents, safe operation.

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