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What should be paid attention to in the inspection of hot press

10 Mar,2020

During the use of the hot press, it is required to operate according to the standard to ensure the use of the hot press and personnel safety. Patrol inspection is a very important thing in safety standards, and the precautions for patrol inspection are as follows:

What should be paid attention to in the inspection of hot press

1. Check the heating, lubrication and transmission of each motor, reducer and bearing every 4 hours, and check whether the operation of travel switch and pneumatic components is normal.

2. Pay attention to check whether the charging pressure of accumulator is normal.

3. At any time, pay attention to whether there is jamming phenomenon between the press plate and the beam and the structure when the press rises. If there is any problem, remove the fault in time. At any time, pay attention to whether the operation of the pull rod is normal and whether there is any possibility of loosening and falling. Each shift shall add lubricating oil to the friction surface of the wear plate of the lower beam.

4. Slabs, pallets and wool boards shall not stay in the press for too long to prevent fire. In case of power failure, the down valve of the press shall also be pushed manually to lower the press and push out the wool board.

5. When each slab enters the loading machine, it is necessary to check whether there is damage to the pallet. If there is any abnormality, pay attention to the emergency stop button.

6. Pay attention to check whether the trolley operation of pushing slab into the loading machine is normal.

7. Check whether the feeding press of the installed push slab is blocked, and whether all the rough boards are pushed out of the press. If not, pull out the press manually, and check whether the rise and fall of the baffle are in place.

8. Check whether the hot oil pump makes abnormal noise and leaks.

9. Check whether the operation of front and rear baffles of the press is abnormal.

10. Check whether the oil pipes of the press and the loading and unloading machine are leaking.

11. Pay attention to clean up the dust on the surface of the heat conducting oil pipe and the structure of the press. Hot work is not allowed within the scope of compressor.

12. Pay attention to check whether there are significant iron objects entering the press to prevent damage to the press plate.

13. Check whether the plate gauge is loose and falling at any time, if so, handle it in time.

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