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Why the piston of plywood machinery will be damaged

26 Feb,2020

In the production process of plywood manufacturers, the piston parts of plywood machinery are often damaged, especially in the case of improper use, which is more likely to cause damage to the piston on the machinery. So what is the cause? Today, we are here to give you a brief explanation. I hope that I can help plywood manufacturers to reduce the machine The probability of mechanical failure.

Why the piston of plywood machinery will be damaged

This kind of piston damage is caused by many reasons. First of all, let's think of the impurities in the oil, such as sand. After a period of use, these impurities will scratch the surface of the piston. If it is scratched, then under the strong grinding of the leaking high-pressure oil, the scar will rapidly expand and deepen. After a period of use, the greater the damage degree of the product will be. In this way, we can Make it better used.

Through the above explanation, I believe you have a new understanding of this knowledge. If you want to know more detailed knowledge, please consult us in time, and we will make a comprehensive explanation for your problems.

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