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Three common wear points in the operation of rotary cutting machine

18 Jan,2020

In the process of using this kind of equipment, the most common phenomenon is wear. There are many factors affecting the wear of the rotary cutting machine. Today, we only talk about the common losses in the most important production process:

rotary cutting machine

First: because the log is not round and uneven in thickness, its rotary cutting is not continuous, resulting in a part of the broken veneer can not be used;

The second one is that the card head of the rotary cutting machine clamps the two ends of the wood section, resulting in the end loss, resulting in blunt cutter, reduced rotary cutting speed, and also affecting the quality of the plate;

The third is the loss of wood core. The waste produced by veneer rotary cutting is broken veneer and wood core, which leads to the waste of wood resources.

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