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CNC card free rotary cutting machine: reasonable structure, convenient operation and maintenance

15 Jan,2020

CNC non card rotary cutting machine is one of the main equipment for plywood production. It belongs to the non card shaft mechanical transmission rotary cutting machine which is automatically controlled after computer programming. It is used for the rotary cutting of the remaining wood cores of the card shaft rotary cutting machine and the single board rotary cutting machine after the small diameter wood is rotated. The working principle of CNC non card rotary cutting machine: the purpose of rotary cutting is achieved by wood rotation and intelligent linear feed of cutter head. In the process of rotary cutting, the rotation speed of single and double rollers is constant, and the wood decreases with the wood diameter. The cutter head feed is fed back to the frequency converter through displacement sensor, and the frequency converter outputs corresponding hertz to speed up the motor operation, further accelerating the rotation speed of screw rod to speed up the cutter head and complete the rotary cutting  Final cutting. CNC non card rotary cutting machine is mainly composed of frame, double roll system, single roll system, tool holder, transmission system, electrical system, etc.

CNC non card rotary cutting machine

The advantages of the CNC card free rotary cutting machine are: the thickness of the processed veneer is uniform and the surface is smooth; the structure is reasonable, the operation and maintenance is convenient; the equipment performance is stable, the wearing parts are few, the service life is long; the wood resources are saved.

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