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Safety knowledge of rotary cutting machine

10 Jan,2020

In the process of using the rotary cutting machine, pay attention to the safe operation, which is the inevitable requirement of the plywood enterprise, So how to use the rotary cutting machine safely? Now let's share with you.

Safety knowledge of rotary cutting machine

First of all, the user is required to stand on the side of the machine, and not to stand within the range of travel of the machine after the machine is started, so that the size of the wood can be adjusted, so that it is not allowed to adjust the speed of the machine after entering the machine, it is not allowed to be too fierce, so that if the center of the log is not correct, it will come It is necessary to check the operation condition of the equipment, so it is necessary to check whether the installation of components is correct, and it is necessary to use it after the completion of rotary cutting Stick and other tools to remove the remaining wood shaft on the rotary cutting machine, then it is to remember that it can not be taken by hand, so as to avoid certain danger.

The working principle of the CNC card free rotary cutting machine is that it can achieve the purpose of rotary cutting through wood rotation and intelligent linear feed of the cutter table, and it can also be achieved in the process of rotary cutting, that is, the rotation speed of the single and double rollers is constant, that is, the wood can come with the decrease of the wood diameter, and that is, the feed of the cutter table is reversed through displacement sensor What is fed to the frequency converter is to speed up the motor when the frequency converter outputs the corresponding Hertz, so as to further speed up the speed of the screw rod, so as to speed up the cutterhead, so as to finish the final cutting

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