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What you need to know to buy a pre press

10 Jan,2020

The pre press is a kind of special plate making machine, which is an auxiliary machine of plywood production line. It is mainly a mechanical equipment for initial bonding before shortening the hot pressing cycle and improving the quality of the board. Moreover, it is also a kind of pressure machinery. In the process of use, the veneer after gluing and assembling is cold pressed for a short time, so that it is initially formed, and then sent to the hot press for hot pressing and gluing, so as to make the veneer suitable for people's use. Is a relatively complete function, and the entire design and structure is very sound equipment.

What you need to know to buy a pre press

Although the price of precompressor is a topic of concern, the overall work flow and later maintenance work of precompressor is important, and only the quality and function are the places that affect the later work efficiency. Next, Linyi Guoyu Machinery Co., Ltd. will teach you how to purchase pre press equipment with good quality and reasonable price.

When purchasing the equipment, it is necessary to pay attention to whether the appearance of the whole equipment is flat and consistent, and whether there is a phenomenon of faulty welding in each of the above gaps. In addition, the speed must be fast, with the function of fault diagnosis and alarm, to prevent the workpiece from burning, which can be said to be one of the necessary conditions for selecting a good hot press. Only when we have a deep understanding of plywood pre press knowledge and know how to maintain the equipment correctly in daily life, can we choose the products suitable for us.

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