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Working principle and advantages of cardless CNC rotary cutting machine

04 Jan,2020

The working principle of the card free CNC rotary cutting machine is to rotate the wood and feed the intelligent straight line of the cutting table to cut the veneer of the wood. In the process of rotary cutting, the rotation speed of single and double rollers is constant. As the diameter of rotary cutting wood becomes smaller, the feed of cutter head is fed back to the frequency converter through displacement sensor. The frequency converter then outputs the corresponding hertz to speed up the motor speed, speed up the speed of screw rod and cutter head, and complete the final rotary cutting.

cardless CNC rotary cutting machine

CNC rotary cutting machine is automatically controlled by computer after programming, and it is suitable for rotary cutting of small diameter wood. The diameter is within 42cm, and the minimum can be about 3cm. And the card rotary cutter is suitable for the wood with larger diameter, and the minimum also needs more than 10 cm. Therefore, the card free rotary cutter is also suitable for the remanufacturing of the remaining wood shaft after the card rotary cutter.

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