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Working principle of hot press

04 Jan,2020

The hot press is widely used in the manufacture of furniture, wooden doors, wood-based panel secondary processing and veneering. In the processing of wood products, the main function of the hot press is to hot press and glue furniture panel, building partition, wooden door, fireproof door surface material veneer, etc. No matter plywood, joinery board, MDF, particleboard, surface pressing and pasting all kinds of decorative materials, decorative cloth, veneer, PVC, etc. can be used to work, there is no great limitation on raw materials. So what is the working principle of the hot press?

Hot press in operation

In fact, the working principle of the hot press is to use the pulse heating principle of the pressure head. One surface of the welding head is specially designed. One resistance of the welding surface is very small, and the current will continuously change the voltage in a section with small resistance to improve to a level with positive current. Then it is heated rapidly by welding head. In addition, apply positive pressure on the basis of negative pressure, and then use a special glue. If it is for the processing of PVC series, its linear position and adhesive force are incomparable to that of negative pressure equipment. Because of its high pressure and low temperature, it solves the problem of deformation when the negative pressure equipment processes the workpiece.

In a word, there are a series of complex reactions in the whole process from the beginning to the completion of the hot press. The above is the introduction of the working principle of the hot press by the hot press manufacturer, hoping to help you.

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