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Operating procedures for pulse hot press

01 Jan,2020

Working principle of pulse hot press

The working principle of the pulse hot press is to produce a large current with low voltage by using the transformer and make it generate heat quickly through the welding joint. Pulse hot press current refers to the on and off frequency share of the current. The larger the pulse share is, the larger the current output is, and the faster the temperature rise of the welding joint is.

First, input the appropriate temperature parameters and upload them to the high-performance microprocessor controller. Then in the production process, the temperature sensing line on the welding joint of the pulse hot press feeds back the temperature, and samples dozens of times per second to control the current pulse share to achieve constant temperature and accuracy.

Place the workpiece in the fixture, send the fixture under the welding head, press the double open end key, press the workpiece under the welding head, the temperature rises rapidly and accurately according to the input parameters, and the temperature can reach 4 temperature zones (solder reflow at the moment), air blowing cooling (solder condensation), and the welding head rises.

Precautions for use of pulse hot press

Pay attention to safety during operation and maintenance of pulse hot press, and do not put hands into the hot press plate; when the press is in the lightning area, it must be shut down and cut off the power supply; keep the oil circuit switch open; when the machine is started, the operator must not leave the post; pre hot press: close the power supply of the press, and gradually raise the temperature until it reaches the pressure without pressure Only when the required temperature is pasted, can it be put into formal production to ensure the quality of veneer; it is strictly prohibited to reverse the circulation pump.

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