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How to solve the problem of automatic glue applicator blocking?

27 Dec,2019

The working efficiency and stability of the automatic glue applicator is whether everyone has a bet or not. It can complete the whole glue applicator process in a simple form without excessive manual operation, which saves a lot of time and energy for users.
However, due to the long-term contact between the glue applicator and the viscous glue, it is inevitable that there will be problems such as blocking, which can not be avoided. Next, Linyi ideal new and old equipment factory will take you to understand the common faults and handling methods of the automatic glue applicator.

automatic glue applicator

If the stop time of the spraying glue machine is too long and it is not cleaned, the blocked part must be dredged first. First of all, turn off the power supply. Do not dismantle the spray gun or delivery hose immediately. Otherwise, due to the huge pressure in the pipe, it will be released from the disassembly place and the explosive materials will be in danger. Close the air inlet valve and open the pressure relief valve of the rubber tank to release the pressure in the rubber tank. Remove the spray gun and clean it. Check whether the nozzle is blocked. Turn the power switch to forward rotation and start up. If there is no material sent out of the conveying pipe, it means that the pipe is blocked. Clean it up and connect it with the spray gun, then the spraying can continue.

Blocking is the most common problem of automatic glue applicator, so it is necessary to pay attention to cleaning after use, check before use, and work scientifically and reasonably according to the requirements during use, otherwise the problem will easily occur, delay the work, and lose certain benefits.

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