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why use plywood woodworking machinery?

27 Sep,2019

1、why use plywood woodworking machinery?
Our plywood machinery is suitable for each process of plywood manufacturing.By using our machines,you can save quantity of raw materials and increase the utilization.some customers even increase the production capacity by 25% with reduce the turnaround time of semi-products.Our machines also can help you to reduce workers quantity and save labors cost.
plywood working machinery

2.     what benefits you will get from our plywood woodworking machinery?
Our company already got more than 10 national patents by researching new products and using computer automatic transducer technology.our plywood machinery are widely used in plywood making,film faced plywood production and furniture plywood manufacturing.It have obvious advantages,such as saving cost and raw materials,reduce working labors and easily control,etc.we lead in full automatic control,and the customers who use our machines can get more 0.5 dollar per sheet in additional.
3.     where need our plywood making machinery?
Plywood woodworking machines is applied to the manufacturing of plywood,multilayer plywood,LVL,Container flooring,melamine plywood and blockboard,etc.the core composer machine change the traditional paving way,and save lots of repair-core workers to increase the plywood quality and reduce workers cost.
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