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Plywood machinery which strong Linyi Guoyu machinery

20 Jul,2020

Plywood machinery is a new type of drying equipment. Plywood machinery is easy to operate, safe and practical in the whole process, and easy to maintain. It has the advantages of hot pressing, leveling and drying at one time. The hot air circulation mode ensures the working efficiency and improves the utilization rate of space. Plywood machinery reduces the occupation of arable land and reduces the pollution of a large number of debris floating with the wind when drying. It is a new machine to improve production efficiency and reduce pollution.

Plywood machinery which strong Linyi Guoyu machinery

As one of the first batch of woodworking machinery manufacturers in China, Linyi Guoyu machinery and machinery factory is deeply loved by the majority of customers. Its plywood machinery has the following characteristics.

1. The machine is easy to operate and can be learned only by looking at the instructions. Less operators are needed for the device, which improves the per capita productivity and greatly reduces the labor cost.

2. Plywood mechanical drying process is static, does not need too much kinetic energy, low energy consumption, environmental protection is very strong.

3. Guoyu plywood machinery has a unique structure. The heat dissipation plate and veneer contact make the drying process in a flat state. During the drying process, the wood is heated evenly, and in the benign physical shrinkage process, the veneer will not deform, the damage rate of finished products is extremely low, and the yield of finished products is excellent.

4. The veneer surface of Guoyu mechanical dryer is directly and evenly heated, the moisture content of veneer is easy to be removed, the drying efficiency is fast, the thermal efficiency is high, and the final product moisture content is low, and the moisture content is uniform, which greatly reduces the cost of machine energy consumption and improves the enterprise income.

5. Guoyu mechanical veneer drying efficient working structure to avoid the impact of wet weather on veneer. Single, science and technology change life, let industrial production get rid of the influence of the weather, can dry all day, improve the efficiency of industrial production.

6. The one-time investment in Guoyu mechanical dryer improves the industrial production efficiency of the manufacturer with high cost performance and can work continuously.

Guoyu machinery plywood machinery 100% integrated machine, won the national patent, covers a small area, high efficiency, with science and technology to improve productivity, choose Guoyu machinery veneer dryer, dryer in the fighter.

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